What We Are Expert At


Implementing professional methods to handle different shoe materials, giving a fresher look to your pair.


Additional efforts to restore your pair which includes paint touch-ups, scuff mark removal, sole swap etc.


All about creativity and innovation on producing a one-of-a-kind shoe to you.

Sole Protection

Protecting your shoes from heel drag, yellowing, devaluing and a better grip for daily usage.


Un-yellowing your pair to its original condition. Yellowish midsole and bottom soles? We got you covered.


Removing creases from all parts of your shoes.


Applying re-glue and stitching techniques to bring your detached shoe parts together.

Shoe Wrapping

Shrink wrapping your shoes in a transparent film, slowing down the aging process.


Divided into Standard Cleaning and Hype-Cleansing, with a difference of cleaning coverage. We use appropriate cleaning methods to clean canvas, suede, nubuck leather, primeknit, textiles, foam, synthetic, rubber, mesh, crepe, snake skin and many more.


When cleaning is simply not enough, restoration kicks in. We’ll be going out of the way to touch-up your pairs whichever needed. Services include shoe reshaping, paint touch-ups, scuff mark removal, air unit brightening, leather filling, sole swap and everything related to shoes.


Making your ideas become reality! Our artists are specially trained to provide hand-painted, embroidery and deconstructing forms of customizations to your pair. Engage us for advises and quotation.

Sole protection

Prevention is better than cure. HypeGuardian is famous for our in-house sole protection services. With an experience of installing over 2500 pairs nationwide, sneakerheads just could not stop coming back to us for more.

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