Cleaning Services

Professional cleaning method without damaging the shoes, yet to provide up-front cleaning

Basic Cleaning:

Laces, Upper, Midsole


Laces, Upper, Inner, Midsole, Outsole

Cleaning + Repainting:

Restore sneakers back to its original appearance


-Basic Cleaning 35MYR   

 -Hype-cleansing 55MYR           

-Cleaning + Repaint 55MYR


Customizing Services

Step up your heat game by customising it. Share your idea with us and our professionals will help you to bring it to reality.
*Price will be finalised based on effort and complexity of the idea. 
-Customization 100MYR ++
Other Services
- De- odour 10MYR
 - Water Repellent 10MYR     
 - Deoxidising 20MYR